Exclaimer Mail Utilities
Exclaimer Mail Utilities enables you to manage how exchange emails are sent and received by your organization. In a few very easy steps it allows you to add disclaimers to your exchange emails. An email disclaimer helps mitigate liability for breach of confidentiality, transmission of virus and much more.
 Exclaimer Signature Manager Exclaimer Signature Manager allows you to create great looking Outlook Signatures. An email signature can be used to carry your company's branding and legal disclaimers. Email signatures can even carry campaign style banner ads.
 Exclaimer Store Compressor Manage your Exchange store by compressing attachments and email messages to improve your storage efficiency and reduce the amount of time it takes to backup your system. Compress individual email messages by up to 90%. Delete emails, tasks and appointments older than a specific date.
 Exclaimer SBS Suite Combines all the advantages of Exclaimer Mail Utilities and Exclaimer Store Compressor in one neat package specifically designed for SBS (Small Business Server) environments. Works with SmartPhones, Blackberrys, PDAs, etc
Exclaimer AD Pictures Save pictures to your Active Directory. Allows you to create a more 3-dimensional profile on individual users in your AD. Use Exclaimer Mail Utilities to dynamically add these pictures to outgoing and internal email. Works with SmartPhones, Blackberrys, PDAs, etc.